Smart Dog

Prebuilt Solutions

SmartDog has built various solutions that can be used independently or directly integrated with the aACE business suite. All of these solutions can be customized for your needs by our development staff, or are available 'unlocked' for your own internal development.
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SDwms - Warehouse Management System

SDwms will integrate directly with your ERP system, providing a iOS based order pulling system. It integrates directly with NRG shipping solution providing a pull - pack - ship interface directly from any iOS device. Also provides cycle counting, bin management, and more direct from your handheld.
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SDpms - Production Management System

Breakdown the most complex process into ease-to-follow step by step management. By integrating directly with your ERP system you can now process raw materials into finished goods. Updating both COGS and inventory in the process.
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SDhrm - Human Resources Management

Expansive HR management tool that allows you to track and update PTO, benefits eligibility, time clock, reviews and much more. Can be integrated with just about any system to expand on and centralize HR data.
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SDrms - Returns Management System

Our returns management system can handle the most complex reverse logistics procedures with ease. SDrms uses reason codes, product condition, and freight costs to determine which of your business rules to apply on every return. Tied directly into aACE it will create inventory moves, return shipments, and invoice adjustments to keep inventory accurate and the customer satisfied.
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SDosm - Outside Sales Management

The SDosm is the perfect tool for outside sales people. It is fully customizable to track calls based upon manufacturer, vendor, product lines, product category, and more. It has maps integration for planning the best call route, and can auto submit call reports to managers or vendors. With aACE integration it can upload call notes, create followup tasks, generate system notifications, and much more.
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SDcwp - Customer Web Portal

The CWP is a web interface directly into the aACE ERP system. Providing your customers with the ability to see past orders, shipments and invoices, and print copies of each. They can check inventory stock levels, make payments on their account, update addresses and email preferences, and so much more.
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SDfbe - Freight Bill Evaluator

Our freight bill evaluator allows you to import UPS and FedEx electronic bills. You can then compare and evaluate the bills for billing discrepancies, address corrections, surcharges and adjustments. When tied to the aACE ERP system you can auto-create journal entries for your bills to track your costs into multiple GL accounts based upon your business rules.
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SDslm - Stock Level Management

Our SLM tool is designed to integrate directly with the aACE ERP system. It pulls in sales history on a product level, broken down over the past 13 months. It then determines a recommended stock level based upon your business rules, reorder frequency, seasonality, and more.
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