Smart Dog

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If you want loyalty get a dog. If you want loyalty and attention, get a smart dog.
Grant Fairley

Are you constantly chasing your tail? Do you struggle to get the job done right the first time? Is lack of financial clarity hindering your growth? Is your staff working harder not smarter?

If any of these sound like your company, we are here to help.

We specialize in helping small business owners, and leaders, find a way to build efficiency in their business. Whether through simple process automation, full workflow optimization, or complete ERP system deployment and integration - SmartDog Solutions can help.

How do we know we can help? Because we have been there, in your shoes, in the trenches, working hard to build a sustainable, profitable small business.

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SmartDog Solutions is rooted in helping small businesses grow a more efficient and sustainable organization, through process improvement, system enhancements, or complete workflow automation.

No matter the size of the project SmartDog employs this proven 3 step process:

1. Getting to know you and your management staff.
Only by understanding your motivations and goals can we begin to find ways to help. We also want you to get to know us. It is this basic familiarity that will lay the foundation of trust that is needed to succeed.

2. Getting to know your business.
We need to understand the basics tenants of your business. What does the company do? How does it do it? Most importantly; where are the pain points? You may know exactly what you need help with and we will work from that need. However, we can also shed insight and an outside perspective to those processes you perceive as not capable of being improved.

3. Project definition.
Finally, we will outline the scope of work that needs to be completed. With that scope we will then generate a project estimate and a timeline for development, refinement, and ultimately, implementation.

We believe by following this simple process we can provide you with the best outcome for your dollars and time invested.


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Desktop, Mobile and Web Applications
SmartDog focuses all of our systems development on the FileMaker platform. FileMaker provides a robust set of tools to rapidly deploy solutions that solve your problems, and can provide valuable insight to your business.

On the desktop, FileMaker provides applications for both Windows and Mac environments. The feature set across these platforms is consistent, and allows for quicker design and implementation timelines.

On the web, FileMaker provides a robust replication of their desktop software through the WebDirect interface. However, if your project calls for data integration into your existing web site, FileMaker provides several other technologies for

For mobile deployment, FileMaker provi

System Triage
There comes a time when you need to upgrade or repair your exisitng FileMaker based system.

Platform Upgrades
There comes a time when you need to upgrade or repair your exisitng FileMaker based system.

There comes a time when you need to upgrade or repair your exisitng FileMaker based system.


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SmartDog understands that only by tying separate systems together can we gain the most efficiency in your business. The more integrated they are, the less duplication of effort there is, and the more return on your investment of both money and time, there will be.

Here are some ideas for integration:
• accounting software
• time clocks
• payroll providers
• online web-stores
• phone systems
• production management systems
• on demand packaging
• catalog production
• shipping systems
…and more

SmartDog has the tools and experience to simplify your workflow.

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