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Let's meet the top dogs at SmartDog and learn a bit more about how we can help you build a better business.
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Kathy Jacobs

Kathy is Owner of SmartDog Solutions, and previously was HR director, and accountant at Restylers' Choice, LLC.

Kathy's experience on the a/r, a/p and accounting aspects of aACE makes her perfectly suited to help during system implementation, post install training, as well as aACE and Accounting support.

Kathy has a Bachelors degree in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati.
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Doug Jacobs

Doug is the primary consultant and developer of SmartDog Solutions and previously had owned and operated Restylers' Choice, LLC and its' predecessor for over 20 years.

Restylers' Choice has operated on the aACE ERP system since 2012, and he personally built multiple work order systems to facilitate the operations of the business.

He is a certified FileMaker developer, and has a Bachelors degree in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati.
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Turbo is a 7 year old Silver Labrador. He was born on 1/1/17, and joined the family on 2/14/17.

Turbo likes long walks in the park, a quick dip in the pool, chasing birds, and catching moles and other creatures.
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Nitro is 6 year old Champagne Labrador. He is Turbo's half brother. He was born on 2/14/18, and joined the family on 4/1/18.

Nitro likes stealing and hiding socks, wind blowing through his hair on car rides, and tormenting his older brother.
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Gunner is 13 year old Yellow Labrador. Gunner joined the SmartDog family on 8/22/20 after being rescued from a family who didn't want or care for him.

Gunner likes to be in the SmartDog office, sleeping and snoring at our feet all day long.
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